3D Panels

3D Panels

VEGA B and VEGA BLight welded mesh panels with embossment are parts of the welded mesh panel fencing system.

The panels can be fastened to four kinds of posts: Gamma – an original, patented solution developed by WIŚNIOWSKI Company, Alpha, Beta and Omega.

VEGA B panel is made from steel welded bars of 5 mm diameter, and VEGA B Light panel is made from bars of 4 mm diameter.

They can be used extensively in fencing parks, public facility buildings, supermarkets, factories, sports facilities and private premises.


Panel typeBar diameter (mm)Straight mesh size
Small mesh size
Panel width(mm)Corrision proofingVärvid
Vega B 5 50x200 50x50 2500 galvanising
galvanising +
polyester coating


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Vega B Light 4